Halloween is full of candy, costumes, decorations, and finger foods. When you put all of those together that makes for one awesome Halloween party.

That is exactly what we did this weekend and it was a blast. We had friends and family come over dressed up in their best costumes and there were some good ones. We had a small Groot, an assassin, Alice angel, Corpse Bride,  Batman, a baby ninja turtle and a Chucky. Those amazing costumes were just the kids.

The finger foods were delicious just like always. We had a graveyard cake and that was the best sweet food I have tasted in a long time.

Next year I am going to make it a theme Halloween Party. I haven't quite picked a theme yet. Maybe I'll do Great Gatsby, or maybe I'll  do a Gotham theme.

Good thing I have another full year to figure it out!


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