This week on the Bachelor the girls rolled with the punches and kick each other butts! We started out with yet another 'trust date,' Selma was the bouncy brunette flying off in a private plane and then rock climbing together! Selma and Mr. McSteamy had a HOT date! I place Selma top 4!

This week's group date had the girls in pads and roller skates and some were more coordinated than others. I did feel bad for Sara (one arm) she had to really build up the guts to get on the skates! I was surprised the fit model who claimed to to be a roller derby queen took a tumble so much for molding skates!

The next date was the 'pretty date' after sweating it out with Selma, Mr. McSteamy need to class up the date and Leslie has been DYING and CRYING for a date with Sean since night one! Finally she gets to spend time with him and I was so bored with the date! Leslie will be gone next week!

Finally the rose ceremony and I was hoping that Mr. McSteamy would get ride of 'Tierra-ble' (her housemates nicknamed her!) she is just rude and way too out to WIN the evil girl award! I'm not sure how long they are going to keep her on the show and I'm tired of them focusing on her! This week we said goodbye to Amanda no big deal she had her weird on camera time!

Best quote of the night goes to Sarah, "You can definitely sense that there are fewer girls at the rose ceremony tonight."  Bless her heart!

Next week-We have more tears and the show is on Monday and Tuesday Night-Plus we get yet another ambulance!