What did you bring for lunch today? If you are like me -you have turkey left overs from Thanksgiving and even though you tried to give it away you still have a ton! So what do you with all that Turkey?-Reheat the same thing no way lets have yummy sandwiches!

Here are three of my favorite and easy sandwich for turkey leftovers.

1. Turkey Salad Wrap-wrap up cranberry sauce and mayo with turkey-and you hit a home run of yummy!

2. Turkey Cobb Sandwich-OMG! This is the most delicious breakfast or lunch sandwich you can every make. Enjoy blue cheese, crispy bacon,turkey and a cooked egg! This will be a go to sandwich every year!

3. Farmer Turkey Sandwich-Homemade cheese spread,fresh tomatoes and sprouts. If you have never made homemade farmers cheese spread then you must try it!

If your mouth is watering like mine then I guess we share a love of leftovers-Turkey that is!

What is your favorite leftover sandwich? Share below!


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