I like to think I'll never back down from a dare until I saw this teenager's dare.

I've done some crazy things because of dares. When I was younger I was hanging with my girlfriends swimming in my backyard. One of them dared me to go streaking and run across my backyard. All of a sudden, there I was, running around my backyard butt naked. I lived on the corner of a pretty busy intersection in my neighborhood and by no means had any type of privacy.

Streaking is pretty crazy but I'm not sure if it measures up to what this teenager did on a dare.

The teenage girl, Kaley, is a huge fan of the band Bangtan Boys. She was talking to her friend about how much she loves one of the band members. Kaley sent her friend some pictures and said, "he’s so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth.’ Kaley's friend said it was bluff and then dared her to do it. Then this happened:

After about 10 minutes, Kaley got the hammer out. Getting a hammer stuck in your mouth over a dare is pretty crazy. What's the craziest thing you've ever been dared to do?

Sources: Twitter, Buzzfeed, and allkpop

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