Every western Colorado town has a main street but not all of them have a road called Main Street.

Main Street is quite often the hub of activity and commerce in town, but sometimes you find large residential areas on Main Street.

One prime example is Grand Junction, where you have a long stretch of the street that is nothing but houses, and the residential area is much larger than the business section.

In the smallest towns, Main Street is usually the main highway that rolls through the middle of town, but there is a rare instance where you have to get off the beaten path to find it.

Those of us who are old enough have memories of "dragging main" in high school. It's just what kids did on a Friday night with friends. Driving up and down Main Street endlessly looking for people you know and hanging out was actually a great way to stay out of trouble. It's almost funny that our Main Street loop was a grand total of four blocks.

Today, Main Street seems different than it did back then, and I wonder if anyone still drags the strip. But, Main Street remains a key component socially and economically in small towns.

I wanted to compare all of the Main Streets in western Colorado so I tried to find as many as I could. We find similarities and differences across the western slope in how Main Streets look. Some are wide, others are extremely narrow. Some Main Streets are miles long while others are remarkably short. But Main Street is one common denominator that so many towns share that brings its residents together. Here is a look at 18 Main Street in western Colorado.

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