Nothing hits the spot like a 150-mile bike ride through the I-70 corridor. Whereas this used to be impossible, unless of course, you don't mind riding the shoulder of the interstate, it is now a reality.

The City of Denver, along with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Jefferson County, and the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation celebrated the grand opening of the Interstate 70 Bike Path yesterday (September 28, 2016). With the completion of the last 2.4 miles of trail, the path from Denver to Glenwood Springs is now complete.

Between the section of bike trails, old highways, and frontage roads, cyclists can travel the entire 150 miles without having to share the interstate.

Via a press release from the Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt said: "Safety was the primary impetus for building the trail."

Taking a bicyclist off the interstate system will always enhance safety, not just for the cyclist, but for motorists as well. In addition, constructing this facility underscores CDOT's commitment to provide our citizens with other transportation options." - CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt

How long would it take to bike the 150 mile stretch from Glenwood to Denver? This, of course, depends on a number of factors including the age of the cycles, their physical condition, and the quality of the bike, to name just a few.

On average, though, how fast can one travel on a bicycle? According to, an elderly person might do less than 6.2 miles per hour, whereas a fitter or younger person might do twice that. It has been determined that bicyclists in Copenhagen average about 9.6 miles per hour.

Using 9.6 MPH as an average, the travel time, barring resting periods, from Glenwood to Denver via this route would come in at a minimum of 15.625 hours. Most people would consider that to be a little more than just your typically Sunday bike ride. In any event, it can be done.

Be the first person on your block to make the bike ride from Glenwood Springs to Denver on the now complete Interstate 70 Bike Path. If you're in good health you could make the journey in a day... a long, grueling day, but it can be done.