Enjoy a Winter Walk on This Grand Junction Trail
Have you visited the new paved pathway at Grand Junction's Lunch Loop trailhead? It's awesome. If you haven't been there yet, take a look at what you've been missing.
Lunch Loop has been a popular hiking spot for a long time. Until recently, though, you were limited to the various…
Grand Junction's Perfect Store for the Star Wars Fan
Do you have a Star Wars fan on your Christmas shopping list? Are you a fan? If so, Grand Junction has a store just perfect for your needs.
I'm not a particular Star Wars fan, but I'm a huge Star Trek aficionado. Earlier today I made a stop at a Grand Junction store to check and see if they …
Rare Horse Sighting on Western Colorado Bookcliffs
For the first time in years I encountered wild horses on the way to Mt. Garfield's summit. Spare yourself the hike and check out a couple of photos.
I haven't seen wild horses on the Bookcliffs in over three years. To date, I've only encountered them once while making the hike up Mt...

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