Six Things Worse Than Chuck Norris Without His Beard [POLL]
Action star Chuck Norris has made the ultimate faux pas, and removed his ever-so-intimidating beard. The result: an instantaneous transformation from one of the toughest looking guys on the planet to one of the dorkiest. Just looking at him makes you want to steal his lunch money. Check out six thin…
Dirk Nowitzki Finally Shaved His Beard After Three Months
NBA star Dirk Nowitzki is back to looking more like the German Jordan than the Geico caveman. The Dallas Mavericks' superstar shooter finally shaved after his team reached .500 on Sunday night, beating the New Orleans Hornets, 107-89. With the Mavericks struggling in January, Nowitzki and teamm…
10 Awesome Examples of ‘Cat Bearding’
Since Movember is long gone, we're experiencing a bit of 'stache withdrawal. Things just don't seem right when there isn't an abundance of facial hair on the web. But as our luck would have it, cats have swooped in to save us from our beardless blues.

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