Fourth of July

Local Firework Displays
Are you looking for a great place to celebrate with your family this Fourth of July? Stay local and see what's around here, or get in your car and travel to some all day celebrations nearby. Whatever type of Independence Day celebration you're up for, these Firework displays near Grand Jun…
Patriotic Photo
Ultra-sexy Julianne Hough wasn't letting her ex-boyfriend Ryan Seacrest ruin her 4th of July celebrations! While Seacrest was out with a new lady-friend, Julianne posted a picture of herself posing in an American flag towel, and not much else!
GJ's Firework Show
It kind of feels like a holiday weekend - but then, again, it doesn't - with Friday smashed in between the holiday and the weekend. It is possible you have had your fill of July 4th celebrations and fireworks. But, just in case you are still in the patriotic spirit and sad about it all coming to an …

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