Good News For Glenwood Canyon Bikers
Everybody knows what a mess I-70 travel has been since the rockslide that closed the highway for several days, but, along with all of the travel hassles for motorists has been the affect on bikers who like to do the scenic ride along the river.
New Bike Lane
Have you tried the bike lanes running down 12th Street along the Colorado Mesa University campus? These lanes create a unique path for cyclists, while leaving the sidewalks free for pedestrians. Would you use your bike more for around-town transportation if Grand Junction incorporated more lanes suc…
Get in Shape for Those Upcoming Cycling Events
The Annual Rose Hill Rally, a 50K and 100K bike ride, is coming up Sunday, May 5th, and that doesn't give those of us who haven't cycled since last Fall much time to get back in gear. How does one in poor "coming-out-of-winter" shape get conditioned to do a 100K by our de…