Where are Pokemon Go Locations Around Grand Junction?
If you haven't heard of Pokemon Go yet, you must be living under a rock. We're on a search to find Pokemon around Grand Junction, where have you captured yours?
After firing up the app, we found a few lurking around our studios. What we do with them we don't know, but we're captur…
Colorado App Plays Matchmaker for Yoga Lovers
If you're currently in the market for romance, you may be familiar with the lack in personal, meaningful connections that come with dating. There's a new dating app that promises to sift through those bad connections to find you love with someone with truly similar interests - based right …
Do Smartphone Dating Apps Actually Work?
Love, we all want it and we all search for it. With such busy lifestyles, many have turned to online dating sites, and now with smartphones literally taking over our world, dating apps are the new thing, but which dating apps actually work?

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