After we got your nominations and your votes, it was time to crown our Teacher of the Month. We coordinated with the principal of Chatfield Elementary School on the low, because we didn't anyone to know.

We picked a time and date, and then we executed our sneak attack. Whenever we knocked on Robyn Carmine's classroom door with the principal and interrupted class, she was in shock. We interrupted class for a good reason though -- to announce that she's our Teacher of the Month. Robyn had no idea that we were coming and that's exactly how we like it.

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While we were taking pictures and handing over lots and lots of prizes, I wanted to know what her students thought about all of this. Of course, they were excited about their skating and pizza party at Spin City, but I wanted to know what they thought about their teacher.

So I asked what the class's favorite thing about their teacher and their responses were super sweet. Robyn Carmine's students told us that their favorite thing about their teacher is that she's understanding and sweet. It's easy to see why Robyn Carmine at Chatfield Elementary School is October's Teacher of the Month.

If you'd like us to surprise your teacher with all of the prizes below, just nominate them here:


  • $50 gift card to Village Inn
  • $50 Visa gift card from Farmers Insurance the Josh DeWitt Agency
  • $20 Starbucks Gift Card and an insulated tumbler from Carville's Automart
  • 1-hour massage from Rimrock Wellness
  • Fresh fruit bouquet from Willy's Wild Carvings
  • Skating party for 30 at Spin City with a pizza party from the Garlic Knot
  • Insulated Tumbler and $20 Starbucks gift card from Carville’s Automart


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