"The show must go on."

Following her 2017 viral hit "Gashina," the prequel to the catchy K-pop has come.

Kicking off 2018 with her new single "Heroine" on Thursday (January 18), Sunmi drops a pop and dance-infused track that is already set to be one of K-pop's bops of the year.

As "Gashina" already explores the feeling of a fresh new break-up, "Heroine" tells the story of a woman hurting in her falling relationship while trying to understand the behavior of a "bad boy" at the same time. Despite the continuous emotional abuse, Sunmi sings "the show must go on."

"Making a prequel was my idea," Sunmi said during her showcase, according to a report by Yonhap News. "The thought that it would be good if 'Heroine' tells the prequel story of the woman in 'Gashina' came to my mind in the middle of working on the new song. So I proposed that idea, and the song's video also came to have the same plot."

Watch the "Heroine" music video below.

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