The suicide rate in Mesa County has increased by over 65% percent since 2013. Mesa County continues to be in the top five counties in Colorado for death by suicide.

2016 had the largest total of deaths and suicides in Mesa County. "Our suicide rate is not decreasing like we hope it would, it's actually increasing," said Dr. Halik of the Mesa County Coroner Office.

Suicide is never easy to talk about or deal with. The passing of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington really hurt my heart. We can never understand the reasons behind why someone took their life, you can't ever know what they truly thought and felt. If someone doesn't want to help themselves, you can't fix the world or problem for them, you can only try. We are never responsible for their suicide, but we can try to help them not get to that point.

According to Mental Health America,  "People who talk about suicide, threaten suicide, or call suicide crisis centers are 30 times more likely than average to kill themselves."

If someone you know has threatened to commit suicide, they might want attention, but they do need help. Or if you're bottling it up, or ashamed, talk to a pro. The information below can help you or anyone you know.

By committing suicide, there's no chance for anything to get better. Things can always get better and solutions can always be found, with time. Give yourself time.

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