We live so close to Moab it's easy to overlook how tremendous it really is, but I am excited to visit the beauty that is only a couple of hours away. This weekend Savannah and I have some friends visiting and while discussing our plans for their visit a trip to Moab was planned. It will be four of us and this will be the first trip to Moab for all of us, so I am looking for any suggestions on what to see while we're there.

Before the negative comments begin, I realize that we are making the trip on the always popular Memorial Day weekend. Crowds are going to be even bigger than normal. But it doesn't matter to me as I will be with basically family on this trip. We just don't want to miss out on anything amazing because this is our first time visiting.

What Is Your Favorite Part of Visiting Moab?

With this being our first trip we are leaning on the usual websites to point us in the right directions. Tripadvisor is saying that Arches National Park is the best place to start, as you will be surrounded by the incredible arches that everyone loves to post on social media. But if you have any other tips please don't hesitate to email me billy.jenkins@townsquaremedia.com.

Any Local Restaurants You Suggest in Moab?

We will probably spend most of a day in Moab beyond just the beautiful things to visit are there any local restaurants you would suggest? We want to take in everything Moab has to offer. So please, send any and all suggestions my way.

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