With Santa loading his sleigh and making the last adjustments with all the presents, It is time to think about those stocking stuffers.

Why not put a different spin on it.  instead of getting the regular stuff that you would get to put in stockings, how about you only get things from Colorado.

There are so much amazing Colorado things to choose from I can understand how difficult it can be. So, I went through and picked a few things that I believe would be awesome stocking stuffers.

Made in Colorado this is some of the best chocolate that you will ever eat. They follow the Europian way of making chocolate in the mountains. I don't know if that's what makes it so good, but I can tell you that you can't go wrong by putting this in someone's stocking. Just make sure to buy an extra for yourself.

Topo Designs make everything from backpacks to dog leashes. They are all about the outdoors when it comes to what they make. If you have an animal person in your family like I do, then this dog leash will be a perfect stuffer. My dogs tear through leashes like they were boxes of dog treats. But not these ones. They absolutely love these collars. It is the only one I have been able to keep on my dogs. Perfect for the animal lovers stocking.

Do you know someone who can't start there morning until they had a fresh cup of coffee? Well, how about getting them some amazing instant coffee done right here in Colorado. This isn't just some ordinary coffee either. Once you have a cup of this you will never go back to anything else. Give it to that coffee drinker in your family.

This cookware is meant for that Colorado person in your family. Once they open this up don't expect them to come inside anytime soon. With this, you can hit the mountains and not have to worry about going hungry. Sea to Summit has even more than just cookware. Take your pick the stockings will be happy to hold whatever you choose.

This stocking stuffer is meant for all the adults in the family. Colorado made alcohol that is almost like gin. Sip it straight or drink it while your cooking. Either way, this will be a hit on Christmas day. One of the smoothest drinks I have ever had. You will enjoy this thoroughly.

There it is my Colorado Christmas people. Perfect stocking stuffers if you are having troubles find something.

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