Apparently, when Family Feud contestants guess wrong, they guess very wrong. Steve Harvey discussed some of his favorite bad answers from the show.

Steve Harvey was on Late Night with Seth Meyers discussing some of his favorite bad answers from 'Family Feud' and some of them are unbelievable. I can't believe people are that dumb.

It's fun to get an inside look or perspective from a game show. I always thought it was peculiar that everyone clapped and cheered even when their answer was awful! They just edit everything else out. It seems like there are more "bad" answers on the show now that Steve Harvey is the host. I always remember bad answers but not many of them going viral. Maybe it's just the day and age we live in now.

John O'Hurley & Richard Karn were always my favorite hosts of the show but I do seem to laugh out loud a lot more when I'm watching Steve Harvey, especially when there's a bad answer. What's the worst answer you've ever seen on the show?

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