Steamboat Springs has a snow dog and its easy to see why she's their mascot. Powder is a Saint Bernard who specializes in safety and being absolutely adorable.

She's two years old and 130 pounds and is the mascot of the Steamboat Resort -- she's Powder. This Saint Bernard is the ski area's safety dog, according to Steamboat Pilot. Her owner is Duncan Draper, who's been a ski patroller at the resort for 17 years.

Duncan has had four Saint Bernards, making Powder the fourth one he's owned. They're pretty much attached at the hip, but no complaints from either of them.

These two have a very important job at Steamboat Resort. Duncan and his associate, Powder, go around the mountain a few days a week to spread the word on safety and try to prevent accidents from happening, according to Steamboat Pilot.

Powder is pretty much famous and whenever she's at Steamboat Resort, she's surrounded by fans. It seems like Powder doesn't mind the attention at all. See more pictures of Steamboat's snow/safety dog, Powder, here.

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