Operation: Steal Your Kid's Candy has commenced in Grand Junction. This is why you should steal your kid's Halloween Candy and take part in the operation.

Ruby Canyon Dental in Grand Junction gives you the option to make your children hate you for at least a month. Here's how you do it- steal all of their Halloween Candy. Okay, so maybe don't steal all of it, the kids can have some, and you can too.

They're buying your candy back for $1.00 a pound. The dentist office doesn't destroy the candy (even though they really want to) but they donate it to Operation Interdependence.

Operation Interdependence packs the candy, along with other items, and sends it to our military troops. You can get paid to not destroy your teeth and your blood sugar levels while doing something good and a soldier gets a sweet treat. Ruby Canyon Dental has been doing Operation Steal Your Kid's Candy, just kidding, the Candy Buy Back program for 9 years.

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