Ah, the kiss cam -- continuing a tradition of making people feel uncomfortable in front of thousands of strangers.

While it has captured former heads of state puckering up, it has also caused some people to go to drastic measures to get some lip-locking. The latest example of how the kiss cam can reach a level of "stuck on an elevator with a stranger" awkward comes from San Antonio when the Spurs spotted this couple earlier this week.

The guy seems thrilled to be on camera, while the woman looks like she's wanted and is afraid a police officer may notice her. And while they laugh, they never swap spit, forcing the camera to go back to them again and again, including one time when she rebuffs his attempt to give her a peck.

It's only after an animated mistletoe appears on the screen that they both get on the same page and kiss.

And while the episode makes you wonder what exactly the relationship between the two is -- siblings? cousins? friends of friends of friends? -- the woman took to the comments section to say "Just to clarify he is my boyfriend and we are happily together."

If that is her boyfriend and he has to fight this much for a kiss, maybe he oughta re-evaluate the relationship. Just sayin'.

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