Thankfully Spring is just around the corner, or at least I hope so! If you are like me all winter you tend not to do really any heavy cleaning, why, I think it becuase we are to cold and lazy! The cold and lazy days are ending and soon and that means spring cleaning, some might loathe this time of the year but others, like me love it! Spring is the time to start out fresh and new!

Last week I started mapping out my spring cleaning schedule, my husband loves that (lol).

Check out my schudle for one week of down and dirty spring cleaning!

  • Sunday

    Start off high; clean all ceiling fans and tops of doorways and take down all window coverings and wash! Start early in the morning and make sure you hang up your curtians at the end of cleaning day.

    ciboulette, Flickr
  • Monday

    Clean all eye level; window sills, kitchen cupboards and all bathrooms.

    countryboy6628, Flickr
  • Tuesday

    Time to wipe out all the kitchen drawers and cabinets, check out all the expiration dates and toss old food!

    john yaya, Flickr
  • Wednesday

    Clean out every single drawer and straighten up the counter tops in the bathrooms! This is also a great time to switch out tooth brushes and toss all unused hair products and lotions!

    Coushatta., Flickr
  • Thursday

    Open the door to your linen closet, and toss all those shaggy nasty towles and up date with freash fluffy new towels! Match up all of your sheets, pillow cases and blankets place them all together fold up nice and neat!

    Pestpruf, Flickr
  • Friday

    DAY OFF! Go out to dinner with your honey, you both deserve it!

  • Saturday

    Clean everything below the knee level! Floors, bedding skirts and wipe down all the baseboards! Get down and dirty, cleaning the floors. Also, move your furniture and clean behind everything and under!

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