I'm a huge animal lover and started thinking about some of the cool animals I've seen here in Colorado. From bears to cutthroat trout, we have some amazing animals in our state.

After asking you this on our Facebook:

Here are some of Grand Junction favorite animals they've seen here in Colorado.

This is very cool (and also scary) that Mary was close enough to get these pictures. That's a cute kitty right there.

I was blown away by the prairie dogs whenever I first moved here, considering I'd never seen them before. But a badger hunting prairie dogs, that's even crazier to see.

Whenever I first moved here, this was one of the first animals I saw as I was driving down I-70 in my U-Haul.

Some of Tim's favorite animals he's come across are a mountain lion and an eagle swooping down to catch a fish.

Here are more of Grand Junction's favorite Colorado animals:

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