Whenever we listen to Soleima, we instantly feel a sense of calm.

Between the buttery synths and airy, high-pitched vocals, the Copenhagen-based artist knows how to deliver a song that's perfect for winding down, especially at the end of the week. And her latest single, "Paper," continues that carefree theme, simultaneously packing a strong message to anyone who's afraid to be themselves.

“‘Paper’ is an important song to me as it is about daring to do what you love to do, no matter the risk. It was written not that long ago at a time when I was wondering a lot about which path to choose in my life, the safe or the unsafe," Soleima shares. "It helped me understand that to me, it is a privilege to be able to do what I love. Therefore I should do it no matter the cost.”

Aside from the empowering manifesto, "Paper" has a little pep in its step thanks to an upbeat, infectious rhythm. Check it out, premiering below:

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