If you're looking for fun while avoiding inclement weather, then this new action park in Colorado is for you!

Slick City is a new family-friendly action park that has opened at Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood, Colorado.

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World's First Indoor Slide Park Opens in Colorado

Slick City is the world's first indoor slide park that operates with no water. The action park boasts 40,000-square-foot and has eleven unique slides that are open to various ages.

Slick City Denver West
Slick City Denver West

These aren't your regular slides either. There are race slides, switchback slides, family slides, and slides that are 25 feet high! Plus there are even a few slides that will launch you into the air.

Slick City Attractions At Colorado Mills

While slides are a very prominent feature at the action park, that's not the only fun that's offered. Slick City also has a rope swing, multiple air courts, and a soft play multi-level playground for children ages 0 to 7.

Slick City Denver West
Slick City Denver West

The air courts are perfect for tumbling, flips, and parkour tricks, plus you can even master your dunking skills in the sports air court.

More Locations Coming Soon

While this is officially Slick City's first location, there are more on the way. Slick City is preparing to open 3 more locations, but they're keeping mum on when and where.

Are you ready for fast as friction fun?

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