A sixteen-year-old from Fruita won 'The Voice of the San Juans' and it's easy to see why. Tanner has been singing since he was five years old.

'The Voice of the San Juans' is one of Western Colorado's biggest singing competition according to KKCO. The competition began with 24 people and was narrowed down all the way to Tanner.

He's had a lot of practice singing, 11 years to be exact. According to KKCO, Tanner said:

I started singing when I was five cause my dad plays music so I just started playing with him. When I was little he would just call me up on stage.

Tanner is a junior at Fruita Monument High School, according to KKCO. He loves being on stage and performing. Tanner says he'd love to do the real 'The Voice.' He's been booking more and more gigs since winning 'The Voice of the San Juans.'

It's nice to see Tanner following his dreams and doing what he loves. He really proves that if you dedicate yourself to something, you can do anything you want.

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