I had the pleasure of going to Germany with my family over Christmas. It was a beautiful, amazing and relaxing trip and I learned a few things along the way. These are the six things I learned on vacation in Germany, other than Germany has cigarette machines -- everywhere.

  • 1

    Not Everything Is What It Seems To Be

    Social media gives us an outlet to show others exactly what they want to see. Although a family friend seemed to have it all figured out online, it wasn't the case in person. They were questioning their future after college and studying abroad. It was refreshing to hear them speak about their problems and concerns so openly.

  • 2

    I Miss The Wetness

    I miss the wetness, as in humidity and rain. The majority of my time in Germany was spent in a heavily forested area where it was almost always raining, snowing or overcast. My hair doubled in size and I miss the rain, the snow -- and yes, the humidity too.

  • 3

    Come Together

    While I was in Germany, especially Heidleberg, I heard so many different languages. It was refreshing to be around people from all other the world. Turns out, we can all get along.

  • 4

    Be Grateful

    My sister was having some hot water issues at her house in Germany. This meant a very limited amout of hot water for a lot of people. This truly made me grateful for the hot water I had, and for my shower and for a roof over my head. Not everyone has these things and put it in perspective for me. It made me appreciate showers a whole lot more.

  • 5

    My Family Means Infinite Love

    It was so great to have my family members (and family friends) from different countries and states all be able to spend time together in Germany. No matter where we are or what we're doing, I always cherish the time we spend together and the infinite love we have for each other.

  • 6

    Watch What You Wear

    Note to self, and to everyone else, don't wear a Neff hat in the airport when you're flying to Colorado. I think I was profiled and therefore given an additional "random" special security screening. It was a waste of time and I definitely blame the hat.

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