Spring is everything to me, she's a coworker, a gym partner, a friend, a brunch buddy. One of the things I admire about Spring is her perpetual positivity. Regardless of what's going on at work or at home, she can always see the light in every situation.

She wants to spread the positivity. Spring has been like this her entire life and she's never going to stop spreading the happiness. She's a single mother of three. I wonder how she can be so strong all the time. Spring told me her strength comes from her mom.

Spring's mom is a mother of seven who just like Spring, never stops. Springs says sometimes she reminds herself that:

Hey girl, your mom had seven kids and you only have three. You better do it.

Spring's advice for other moms is to just keep going. You might think that you're failing but those fails are worth it. Your kids grow up to be their own person, with your guidance.

She wants her kids to be their own person. They can be who they want to be without being shaped into something they're not destined to be. All three of Spring's kids are different from each other.

Spring told me her son, Enrique, is the most like her. He doesn't exactly like to follow the rules or be told what to do. But her son's heart and love is pure and just like Spring's. Pure gold. Spring's heart is pure gold, her children are pure gold and everything she touches is pretty much pure gold.

One of Spring's favorite things about being a mom is the unconditional love. Her kids are always going to love her no matter what, and she's going to always love them no matter what.

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