If Earth — or, more specifically, New York City — felt a bit safer than usual over the weekend, you can thank the Silver Surfer, who just happened to swing by The Big Apple in the name of justice.

While Heidi Klum is typically Manhattan's official Halloween queen, it was YouTuber Jesse Wellens who captivated New Yorkers most in 2016 with his incredible costume constructed in honor of the Marvel Comics superhero (makeup thanks to fellow YouTuber Lex Fleming of MadeYewLook). And while Wellens didn't quite manage airborne travel, he was almost faster than a speeding bullet — or at least faster than traffic headed southbound on Seventh Avenue.

In the clip above, Wellens wows gaggles of adoring women, kids who extend eager high-fives and even the driver of a police van, who takes his attention WAY off the road to successfully snap a photo of the city's newest hero. Okay, law enforcement!

Still, the real magic comes after the credits, when a woman knocks a child's cupcake out of his hand to manage a handshake with the passing Surfer. Tough break.

Fans and subscribers had a field day with the superhero fantasy, and let their fanboys and fangirls shine in the video's comment section.

"That was freaking awesome! Real props for that. Weren't you cold though?" one wrote. Another observed: "I keep watching this video over and over! It's one of the coolest videos I've ever seen!"

May Earth-dwellers remain free from Galactus' evil pull.

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