I hate even thinking about this evil man, legally named Christopher Watts.

When I think there's nothing else that could make me dislike this monster more than I already do ... something else happens.

He's a convicted murderer who killed his gorgeous pregnant wife and his two beautiful little girls. I believe it's an insult that he has a photo of the victims hanging in his cell.

Who does this? You don't see other inmates hanging their victims up in their cell, nor would it even be a topic if this wasn't such a high profile case.

Currently, there's an online petition demanding that the Wisconsin Department of Correction have Watt's remove the family photo.

In my opinion, Watts lost all his rights to enjoy anything that has to do with his family when he brutally murdered them. He made a choice to remove his family from this earth.

Since that's what he wanted then that's what he should get in return. Complete absences from anything that has to do with the family including a photo.

Emptiness, loneliness, and darkness should be all he gets in his cell. He has earned the right to be forgotten and alone for the rest of his life.

The only two reminders he should have of his family would be the last day with them and the last words that were spoken out of his daughter's mouth begging for her daddy not to kill her.

I personally think if there was a recording of his child begging for her life they should play that recording 24/7 in his cell to remind him of the worst moment of his baby girl's life.

Watts' should not be allowed to have a photo of his family. It's like a trophy for him and it's wrong.

Thinking about it makes my blood boil ... I'm going to most definitely sign the petition.

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