The rumors about Lauren Boebert's restaurant in Colorado turned out to be true and now it's time to put out the fire and call in the dogs.

According to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, the gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado owned by Lauren Boebert officially closed its doors on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

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Guns Couldn't Save Shooters Grill From Its Demise

News spread in June of the restaurant's potential closure after Boebert received notice that her lease would not be renewed. At the time Boebert and her husband were considering purchasing the property where the restaurant was housed but it appears the couple decided against it.

Shooters Grill Employees Given Little to No Notice of Impending Closure

Lauren told the Post Independent, "we were like family" when speaking about Shooters' employees. “

I would say Shooters, for any employee, was their life. We lived and breathed it every single day. They were a part of this culture and brand that we created in Rifle, and there was a lot of pride with that.

Despite how close Boebert claims to have been with her employees, a call to Shooters Grill on June 23, 2022, proved that workers were completely unaware of the impending closure.

The restaurant employee who answered stated that the business's closing was news to the entire staff and that they, "have not heard anything from Lauren."

What's Next for Lauren Boebert?

A chalkboard sign posted in front of the doors of Shooters Grill reads:

Thanks for the Support. Stay Tuned #covfefe

Lauren told the Post Independent that, " she and her husband, Jayson, are praying and planning to continue the Shooters brand, culture, name, and presence on Rifle’s Third Street."

“We would just dramatically scale it back, because, obviously, we’re not in our building,” she told the Post Independent. “It may look like a Shooters coffee shop with pastries and some easy breakfast sandwiches and merchandise.”

While the Shooters brand is up in the air, Boebert will be facing Adam Frisch, a former Aspen council member, as representative for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District in November.

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