RuPaul’s Drag Race aired its reunion episode on Friday (June 16), and the Internet nearly imploded over the sheer number of drama-filled, meme-ready moments that came from the explosive episode.

But one of the episode’s indisputable highlights was when Drag Race finalist Shea Couleé called out Miss Congeniality-slash-Miss Fan Favorite Valentina for her shockingly bad lip-sync to Ariana Grande’s "Greedy" - a display that led to her elimination from the show.

It’s a seven word chorus! Seven words in that chorus, girl!” Shea scoffed, as jaws dropped across the planet.

And while "Greedy" may indeed be a piece of cake (for most people, at least), Shea’s shutdown inspired us to investigate a few more seven word choruses, to determine if it really is the luckiest number in a lip-sync extravaganza.

  • 1

    "Hard Out Here"

    Lily Allen

    1. It's 2. Hard 3. Out 4. Here 5. For 6. A 7. Bitch

    Lily Allen kicked down the door (and fired a few punches at the patriarchy) with her immense comeback single "Hard Out Here" in 2013. With each line in the chorus picking up immediately after the one before it, "Hard Out Here" may be a bit tricky to mouth out clearly - but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as copying Lily’s signature snark when you deliver them. Own it, and work it!

  • 2

    "Run the World (Girls)"


    1. Who 2. Run 3. The 4. World 5. Girls 6. This 7. Motha

    There aren’t many songs that can whip people into a dance-frenzy as effectively as "Run the World" - but we’re talking about Beyoncé here, so it’s no surprise that she’d deliver a track of such epic proportions. The song’s chorus charges ahead at full-throttle, but don’t panic! Its question and answer format provides just enough pauses between lines to help you recollect what words come next.

  • 3

    "That's My Girl"

    Fifth Harmony

    1. That's 2. My 3. Girl 4. What 5. You 6. Waiting 7. For

    Fifth Harmony’s girl power banger boasted one of the best shout-along choruses of 2016 - and it’s incredibly easy to learn as well! While its pre-chorus ends with a (fantastic) rapid-fire rap courtesy of Normani Kordei, the girls’ following chants of “that’s my girl” march on at a far more manageable pace - even with Lauren Jauregui’s interjected lines. Breathe easy!

  • 4

    "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf--ker"

    Maroon 5

    1. This 2. Summer's 3. Gonna 4. Hurt 5. Like 6. A 7. Motherf--ker

    "This Summer" is a forever relevant summer tune, with a chorus that’s a rallying cry to everyone on a one-way street to questionable choices.

    And with its potty-mouthed chorus being as straightforward as it is, you’ll have no issues singing along to it in a variety of situations, whether you’re downing shots at the club – or soaking your head under the kitchen tap the next day.

  • 5

    "We Found Love"

    Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris

    1. We 2. Found 3. Love 4. In 5. A 6. Hopeless 7. Place

    Some of pop’s most memorable choruses come from Miss Robyn Fenty, and "We Found Love" is no exception. Rihanna’s mega-smash may have caught a bit of shade for its repetitive chorus, but the song went on to become a defining hit for both her and Calvin Harris, and is also featured on this list - so really, who’s laughing now? And unless you were living under a rock in 2011 (and every year since), you definitely already know the words to this!

  • 6

    "Kill 'Em With Kindness"

    Selena Gomez

    1. Kill 2. 'Em 3. With 4. Kindness 5. Go 6. Ahead 7. Now

    Remember when whistle choruses were all the rage? Selena Gomez brought them back for a brief moment last year, with "Kill 'Em With Kindness" - the final single off her 2015 album Revival. While it should be fairly easy to mouth along to Selena’s sage words, take a little time to perfect an authentic whistle face. Alternately, just ignore that part of the chorus completely, and focus on working the stage. No judgement here, it’s what Selena would do as well!

  • 7

    "Not Myself Tonight"

    Christina Aguilera

    1. I'm 2. Not 3. Myself 4. Tonight 5. The 6. Same 7. Girl

    Sex! Power! A deceptively wordy chorus! Christina Aguilera’s "Not Myself Tonight" truly has it all. But before you break into a sweat at what appears to be two different sentences rammed into one chorus, let’s take a moment to inspect them.

    "I’m not myself tonight / Tonight I’m not the same girl, same girl” - as you can see here, 75% of the words in the first line are repeated again in the second, taking a substantial load off yours (and Christina’s) shoulders. Sneaky!

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