A man tries to take a selfie at the wrong place and wrong time... not only did it go wrong, but it was caught on camera!

I was starting to type all of this out but all I could keep saying in my head is "but first, let me take a selfie". It's always embarrassing when you trip or fall but mixing in it being on TV and for a selfie, it's just funny.

Rarely is being generous when I say that I rarely take selfies. It just seems weird when I do... I feel like everyone is staring and making some sort of smart remark. That's probably because that's what I do (sometimes) when I see other people doing it in public. It makes me feel less masculine for some reason.

I'm not sure what exactly the platform he was standing on was made of but it was broken clean off, right where he stepped. Maybe he should have watched where he was walking, given that he was that close to water. I'll imagine it being selfie karma. Will the selfie ever die?

I'll take this video as a lesson to never take another selfie. As funny as it was watching him fall in the water, I would hate for that to be me! Have you ever gone to "great lengths" to take a selfie?