Bidding against other people to get a great deal on something you want and being able to place those bids almost anywhere makes an online auction fun.

If that's not enough here are six more reasons to join our Seize the Deal Auction.

This is a preview some of the things on the auction. Bidding for these items begins promptly at 12 a.m. on Monday (August 21) and ends at 7 p.m. sharp on Friday (August 25).

  • Diamond LEC 315 Kit

    Greenworks Hydroponics

    This Light Emitting Kit (LEC) has almost all the lighting you need for your hydroponic garden.

    If you love all the fresh vegetables now, think about how great that would be if you could enjoy them all year long from your own hydroponic garden.

    This is a $599.99 item with an opening bid of $200.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Three-Day Rental of Harley-Davidson Softail

    Grand Junction Harley-Davidson

    Whether you own a Harley or not, riding around western Colorado and eastern Utah for three days on a Heritage bike is a motorcyclist's dream getaway.

    Cruise the Grand Mesa for Color Sunday, Take a ride through Unaweep Canyon, cruise along the Colorado River in Utah to Arches National Park are just a few ideas for a road trip.

    This $580 rental has an opening bid of $200.

    There are some restrictions like you have to have a motorcycle license and a $2,000 refundable security deposit, so take a look before you bid.

    Grand Junction Harley Davidson
  • Sandless Floor Refinishing for One Room


    Need some flooring refinished, but dread the work and dust from traditional sanding? Here's the solution, sandless floor refinishing.

    Mr. Sandless has a way to refinish your wood floor including prep, sealing and your choice of finish for up to 200 square feet.

    This is a $500 value with an opening bid of $150.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • 10x20 Senior Shed With Six Foot Roll Up Door

    MOR Storage

    This is called a storage shed, but it's more like a mini-garage. Use as a shed, to store lawn and garden equipment, or make it your garage for ATVs and other fun toys. If you're resourceful, you can probably use it for both.

    The price includes delivery and MOR Storage will be more than happy to give you ideas on proper ground prep and location on your property.

    This is a $3,800 value with a $1,525 opening bid.


    Courtesy MOR Storage/Brittnee DeJong
  • Essential Dresser With Treasures Wing Mirror

    Black Carriage Furniture

    There is furniture and there is heirloom quality furniture. This is the latter. When you buy furniture like this beautiful dresser, just know it will last longer than you will.

    Buying exceptional furniture at auction prices is literally the deal of a lifetime. Take a look at the specifications before bidding. Better yet, see this at Black Carriage Furniture.

    This is a $2,450 value with a $1,225 opening bid.

    Courtesy Black Carriage Furniture
  • Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Guitar

    Hart Music

    This guitar gives the sound of a 1950's Archtop in a very modern way. In addition to a classic sound, you get the beauty of Canadian wild cherry on the body, a silver leaf maple neck, and rosewood finger board.

    The picture can't show just how beautiful it plays and looks but a trip to Hart Music will.

    This is a $1,195 value with a $300 opening bid.

    Courtesy Hart Music