I don't even remember what the standardized tests were called when I was growing up, but it seems they've changed so many times who can remember any of it anymore. Here in Grand Junction, Colorado a new standardized test was introduced this year, called the PARCC test. School District 51 President, Greg Mikoali, has chosen to opt his son out of the tests this year.

Mikoli told Channel 11 News, the tests students take in March don't reflect what a student has learned, and don't help guide education. The PARCC tests are set up to judge teachers and schools, Mikoli said. He feels that taking this test is a waste of time for his son and other students.

Mikoali is encouraging District 51 parents to follow his lead, and opt their own children out of the tests. He's hoping that this will send a message to Colorado Legislature that District 51 does not want, nor need the PARCC test.

I don't have any children, myself, but I have to agree with the man. The results of these tests don't even come in until the following school year. By then these students will already have moved on in their learning careers. This test seems like a complete waste of time to me.

[Channel 11 News]

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