There are tons and tons of local clubs to join: hiking clubs, chess clubs, dancing clubs, health clubs.

Guess which one is our favorite?!? We're all about Sauvage Spectrum Winery's wine club. This winery is special because they grow the 26 varietals used to make all their wines using sustainable practices on a 60-acre vineyard. They're open for regular tastings, winemakers tours, and a wide variety of events, including live music and food truck stops.

Sauvage Spectrum Winery

Of course, we have a few wines we love:

  • Sparklet: A line of sparkling wine blends with fruit-forward flavors
  • Pet-Nat: Another line of sparkling wines, but these are made using an ancient and natural process. (We had to look it up: Pet-Nat wines are bottled early in the fermentation process, becoming bubbly as fermentation finishes in the bottle, according to
  • 2019 Domaine Sauvage Red Blend: There's a full description on Sauvage Spectrum Winery's website, but they had us at "lack cherry aromatics, combined with German chocolate cake and a faint touch of tobacco."

Then, there's the wine club. The best part of the Cellar Select Society is that, in addition to all the great wines available to the public, you have access to exclusive wines just for club members. You can choose to get three, six, or 12 bottles per quarter, and wine club members get discounts on additional purchases and 10 percent off the Imbibe Tribe monthly growler program.

Sauvage Spectrum Winery

The wine club is more than an opportunity to try new reds and whites. It's an opportunity to explore our area's agricultural heritage and the celebrated methods of making wine. You can pick it up at Sauvage Spectrum Winery' (they even have a regular wine club pick-up party) or have it shipped. There's no better way to experience wine straight from the grower.