Y’know, I am starting to suspect Seth Rogen might occasionally smoke pot.

I know, I know, there was Pineapple Express and the endless weed jokes on Twitter. But I thought it was all a gimmick! A character he was playing in public. But then I watched the trailer for Sausage Party, the new animated movie Rogen co-wrote and co-produced with Evan Goldberg, and it is a premise that could only come from someone who was high on drugs.

That premise: Although humanity can’t see or hear it, food is alive and sentient and very cute. Which, if true, makes the preparation and eating of food absolutely horrific; peeling a potato is essentially skinning it like a horror movie villain. Enjoying a light snack of baby carrots? You are eating children, you disgusting monster. The awesome cast besides Rogen (as lead hot dog Frank) includes Kristen Wiig (as Brenda, a hot dog bun), Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Edward Norton as a bagel who, I’m told, sounds like Woody Allen. (Makes sense.)

There could be some commentary on vegetarianism here; after all, food is not alive but most of it (at least the meat-based part) does come from living things, and people do slaughter those living things for our culinary satisfactions (and so we can trick ourselves into pretending it didn’t come from a living creature). Or it could just be an excuse to have a bunch of food say the F-word. The movie had its first work-in-progress screening at South By Southwest last night, and the reaction was generally very positive (although our own editor-in-chief, Mike Sampson, was not a fan). Hopefully the movie will be even funnier and tighter when it opens in theaters this summer, on August 12.

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