These before and after pictures have a whole 145 years between them. Both were taken in the same spot at the Dinosaur National Monument.

The first photo (on the left) was taken during the second Powell Expedition by E.O. Bearman on July 11, 1871 in the lower Split Mountain Canyon. The second photo was taken by Pete Williams on March 5, 2016.

These photos are a perfect match of each other. It's amazing that Pete Williams found the exact same spot where the first photo was taken and nailed replicating it. I thought that 145 years would make a huge difference, but it almost looks as if nothing has changed.

Even the rocks and vegetation and remain in the same pattern in 2016 as they were in 1871. Mother Nature shows her resilience by remaining unscathed and unchanged. I hope after the next 145 years the before and after photos will still look the same.

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