Oh, my word! Colorado fans get a double whammy.

L.A. Dodgers had an unstoppable Walker Buehler. Pitchers make a world of difference. In order for the Colorado Rockies Baseball to win the National League Title for the first time ever in franchise history, they would have had to have a win in California yesterday afternoon. Since that didn’t happen the Colorado Rockies, unfortunately, will be playing the Chicago Cubs tonight; October 2 at 6:05 mountain time.

As far as the Denver Broncos, the heat was on last night with the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. This was a tough one for the Orange Crush. Broncos did a marvelous job, but they definitely need to learn how to end well. I can’t believe it! Broncos played super hard throughout the game, and unfortunately still a loss.

I’m a huge Denver Bronco fan, but sometimes they drive me a little wacky. Some calls make me drop to my knees, with my hands to the sky, crying out nooo!

I know Colorado loves their sports. Best fans ever. I am one of the biggest fans around. I'm the type that stays up way too late and yells at the television hoping that the team can hear my cry. Unfortunately, today my voice was not heard from either team.

To end on a positive note. We are in Rocktober and the Broncos have only just begun.


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