Four runaway horses shut down a portion of Interstate 70 early Saturday morning in Eagle County Colorado. The Gypsum Fire Protection District Chief witnessed the four horses heading eastbound on Interstate 70.

The incident occurred just after midnight on Saturday prompting the Colorado State Patrol and the Eagle Police Department to close the interstate down for the safety of motorists and the capture of the horses.

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The Gypsum Fire Protection District chief followed the galloping horses on the interstate for approximately three miles. A short video posted on the Gypsum Fire Protection Facebook page showed the runaway horses on the interstate.

A good samaritan was able to corral and trailer all four of the runaway horses. The good samaritan trailered the four horses back to the owner at the fairgrounds. All four of the horses were captured without injury according to the Gypsum Fire Protection District Facebook post.

Interstate 70 has been shut down numerous times over the past year due to wildfires and other weather-related incidents such as snow and heavy rain.

Last week, goats that were supposed to be chewing up weeds in one area took a wrong turn ended up in a neighborhood in Boulder. Read more about the gang of weed-eating goats in a Boulder neighborhood HERE.

Source: Gypsum Fire Protection District Facebook 

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