Tonight is going to a big on American Idol, this will be the first time ever that the Top 5 is all girls!

All the girls are amazing, so the next four weeks are going to be tough for America to vote. I have said from the start that my favorite is Candice Glover and Kree Harrsion is a close second.

If you missed some of their performances check out my favorite for each girl! Be ready to vote for your favorite but remember the judges have not used there save yet!

My Top Five Performances

Candice Glover's 'I Who Have Nothing' - this is hands down one of the best vocal performances ever on Idol!

Kree Harrison 'You Would've Wanted It That Way' - Kree has not sang this YET on Idol but if she does she might just seal the deal! 'You Would've Wanted It That Way' is an original song that shares the story of her parents passing and it is amazing!

Angie Miller's 'Love Came Down' - it is proven when Angie plays the piano she nails the performance and is an outstanding performer!

Janelle Arthur's 'The Dance'  - when I heard Janelle signing this, I was overcome with emotion. Songs always bring back memories and this song took me back to high school and losing a classmate. Amazing job!

Amber Holcomb's 'I say a Little Pray for You'  -- Amber is being compared to Whitney Houston, do I agree with that, not so much, but she has impressed the judges over the season time after time. In my eyes this was her best performance she was relaxed and the song fit her style!