Jenni "JWOWW" Farley's ex Roger Mathews has fired back at the reality star's disturbing allegations.

Less than 24 hours after the Jersey Shore star accused her estranged husband of abuse in a scathing open letter on her website and posted video footage of him hitting her and throwing her to the ground, Mathews posted his own video on Instagram. In it, he defends himself and claims Farley is "playing the victim."

"I sit before you today a pretty heartbroken man in light of recent circumstances and things that were said about me in a long, rambling rant that was put out about me that was highly erroneous and had many lies in it," he began.

"I had a speech prepared for me by my attorneys that I was going to read and I decided not to read it and just shoot from the hip. We were going to address this in court, which is the proper place to address it. We've proven Jenni, and her attorneys, to be liars in the past and we will do it again," he continued, adding that he will stop at nothing until he has custody of his two children, 4-year-old Meilani and 2-year-old Greyson.

Check out Mathews's response in the video below:

Farley filed for divorce in September 2018, and though it seemed like the couple was going to work things out, she later filed a restraining order against Mathews after a heated argument.

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