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Rita Ora Offered a Restaurant Money to Host Her Party During Lockdown

Rita Ora reportedly offered $7,000 to U.K. restaurant Casa Cruz to host her birthday party during lockdown. Following the party, Ora received a $12,000 fine and the restaurant manager was fired. A hearing is scheduled about whether the restaurant's license will be revoked or if other measures will be taken. (via TMZ)

Seth Rogen's Mom Writes Press Release for Actor's New Book

Seth Rogen's mom, Sandy, wrote a press release for the actor's new book, Yearbook, a collection of stories from Rogen's life due out in May. "If I'm being honest, I really wish there wasn't so much drug talk. Why does he need all that? ... I'm glad he wrote it but I'd be even more glad if he called me more," Sandy reportedly wrote. (via The Wrap)

Trevor Noah Explains GameStop Stock Situation

Daily Show host Trevor Noah digitally inserted himself into Margot Robbie's bathtub from The Big Short, the 2015 movie about the financial crash. The viral video, which was posted to Twitter, explains the recent stock market buzz around GameStop's stock surge.

Apple Urges Users to Update Devices

Apple released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 updates after using an "anonymous researcher" that found that people may be able to remotely hack apple devices. Apple said they fixed the threat and urged users to download the updates as soon as possible. According to their security page, keeping your software up to date is the best way to ensure a secure device. (via People)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Final Season Trailer Released  

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is finally coming to an end after 20 seasons on the E! network. Below, watch the trailer for the iconic reality show's final season, set to premiere March 18. (via Just Jared)

Larry King's Official Cause of Death Revealed

Legendary broadcaster Larry King passed away last weekend at the age of 87. His widow confirmed that his official cause of death was sepsis. (via Just Jared)

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