Fans of singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama have been long begging for a collab with Namjoon — famously known as RM — of BTS.

In a video interview with HeatWorldSawayama reveals that she and the singer-rapper have in fact explored the possibility of collaborating, even working on a song together! The two actually had a secret, informal songwriting session, which produced an unreleased song.

Watch the video clip below, in which Sawayama shares that she and RM have "written virtually" together:

The rest of the video is filled with candid confessions and funny moments, but it's the truth bomb about RM that stands out the most. Like, how could we have not heard about this before?

For starters, Sawayama's friendship with RM goes a couple of years back. In October 2018, she shared a photo of herself with RM on Instagram after attending a BTS concert. Since then, wishes for the duo to collab have sprung up among Sawayama's followers.

Now we learn that those wishes actually inspired some collaborative songwriting. However, we still don't know if this was a recent, quarantine-inspired jam, or if their collaboration happened a while ago. Either way, we wanna hear it!

So, what was the fate of this mysterious song from Sawayama and RM?

“I don’t think anything happened to that song, but maybe if you guys pressured him enough he’ll work on it or something," Sawayama joked in the video.

You hear that, ARMYs and Pixels? Maybe a little push is just what he needs! After all, this is definitely the sort of collab we need in times like these.

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