A 12-year-old boy from Rifle raised enough money to add to the Rifle Police Department's pack. He raised enough money for two new chocolate lab police pups, Jax and Makai.

Officer Garrett Duncan and police dog Tulo are the best of buds. They've been together since week eight, Officer Duncan stated:

I got him when he was eight weeks old, we started training at about four months old. He's always there when I need him. He's there to rest his head on my shoulder in our patrol car if I'm having a rough call or rough day.

Police pups make for great partners, and great friends. The Rifle Police Department is now adding to the pack with two chocolate labs, Jax and Makai. Thanks to 12-year-old Carter Fulk, who raised the money through GoFundMe.

Carter is continuing his fundraising effort to cover veterinary expenses and hopes to be a cop one day, according to KKCO. Jax and Makai are working on the basics, like sit, stay and lay down. Lucky for the them, they've got Tulo.

Tulo, Rifle Police Department's beloved K-9 Officer, has been at the station for over seven years. With all of that experience, it's no doubt that Tulo is going to whip the new police pups into good shape.

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