When I was a youngster, the only thing we ever wanted to do on the weekends was to go to the Rainbow Roller Rink. This was the hangout spot for most of us growing up. I have some of my fondest memories from hanging out at the Rainbow Roller Rink.

There was the train that they would do at least two times a night. This always seemed to get a little out of hand. It seemed that people were always falling down and flinging other people around the rink. Either way, it was a good time. Do you remember that song? 'Come on ride the train...and ride it...toot...toot!'

I remember how fun it was to do the limbo at the Roller Rink. I never won because I am not flexible at all. The owners of the Roller Rink had a granddaughter, which I had a huge crush on, who could do the splits and skate at the same time. So she was always winning the limbo.

There was also that little kid's area over by the food that always seemed to have holes in the wall. I think we all just played a little too hard over in the mini rink pretending like we were playing hockey.

Don't forget about the top-notch skates they use to rent out (sarcasm). Their rentals were terrible. You always had one skate with the longest shoestring ever made, and the other skates shoe string was nearly nonexistent. Then you always had the one guy with the fancy skates or the 5 wheel roller blades who was always showing off. Was that person you?

That place got pretty bad toward the end. It seemed like all the Grand Junction wanna-be gangsters started hanging out and drinking there, starting fights and ruining it for everyone. Eventually, my parents stopped letting me go there because it got so bad.

What are your favorite memories of the Rainbow Roller Rink?

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