Grand Junction is abuzz with excitement with the re-opening of Graff Dairy on 29 Road. If you go back in time a little, there used to be another popular local dairy serving milkshakes, ice cream, and even burgers. This particular dairy was located in Orchard Mesa just south of the 5th Street Bridge. 

The photos above are from the construction of Clymer's Rose Glen Dairy at Santa Clara Avenue and Clymer Way in December 1947.

Personally, I have no memory of ever visiting this dairy. I was born in Grand Junction in 1970. My brother was born in 1967. According to my mother, the Clymer's must have closed the dairy before we were born, since she doesn't recall ever taking us there.

According to his obituary in the Daily Sentinel, Dudley Clymer became President and General Manager of the dairy in the early 1950s. He later sold the company in 1975. The drive-in had closed a number of years earlier.

From what I'm hearing, those who visited Clymer's Rose Glen Dairy and Clymer's Drive-In considered them to be THE places to go.

Retired Grand Junction firefighter Wayne Marks says he used to go to Clymer's Drive-In back in the late 1950's to get their "Ten hamburgers for $1.00." That's right, ten hamburgers for one dollar.

Clymer Dairy Map
Google Maps

Wouldn't it be great if we could bring this dairy back, too? Orchard Mesa could use an awesome locally owned drive-in. For that matter, while it's not likely to happen, we could really use 10 hamburgers for a dollar. Anyone interested?

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