Not sure why Judge Lance Timbreza's case has been sealed. I'm sure you're thinking, "duh" it's because he's a judge but doesn't that seem wrong?

There are many civilians that unfortunately get in trouble for driving under the influence.

Granted Judge Timbreza has apologized for his actions that could have killed someone when he crashed into some brush and trees off of 27 1/2 Road near Horizon Drive in his SUV but still, sealed?

He'll have an arraignment hearing on July 15 which I'm guessing we'll never know the slap on the hand he'll receive.

There were witnesses that watched Judge Timbreza speeding before he lost control and crashed.

That's serious. He had to be pretty intoxicated to find himself in that mess and to have his "mess" sealed is unjust.

Since he is a man of power and since he's expected to live at a higher standard than us regular folks he should lose the privilege to have a sealed case by his action.

I'm not judging Judge Timbreza at all. We're all human and make mistakes but to receive special treatment and having a sealed case when that's not the norm even for other people of influence doesn't look well on those in charge.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what will become of all this and not jump to conclusions.

It'll be interesting.


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