There are obvious reasons to love Grand Junction. It's location to the Colorado National Monument, Book Cliffs, and Grand Mesa creates endless outdoor adventure. Not to mention the 300+ days of sunshine. But Grand Junction has more than just its outdoor beauty.

This city comes together with no hesitation to help people they don't know. Think about it.

Johnny, a man low on his funds found $3,000 at the diner he works at and made sure that money found it's way back to the owner. End of story, right? No. This community heard about that good deed and came together to raise $3,000 for Johnny. They went above and beyond and raised thousands more than the original goal.

This community got Taylor Swift to come to Grand Junction for Delaney Clements, a girl fighting childhood cancer. The whole town spread the hashtag #DelaneyMeetTaylor on all the social media sites. This hashtag flooded social media to the point that Ellen DeGeneres even saw it, and this resulted in Taylor Swift surprising Delaney in her home.

Deputy Geer was tragically killed during a line of duty as a Mesa Country Sheriff. Within a week time, the community raised $80,000 using the site GoFundMe. Local businesses such as The Hot Tomato, Papa Johns, Pollux, Mesa Theater, Texas Roadhouse, and countless more came together to give a percentage, or all, of their proceeds from a day of business to the family. On top of the money support, hundreds lined the street for his memorial service and on a separate day for a candlelight vigil.

These are just three examples from the last couple of months of how Grand Junction comes together. What are some other examples of what makes Grand Junction so lovable?

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