As quickly as a raccoon can take food he can lose it, too.

Witness this poor fella, who is mystified when he somehow loses his cotton candy.

Just look at this sad sack. He looks crestfallen, like he's the unfortunate victim of a magic trick. It'd be like if you were sawed in half and then told you can't be put back together.

When you consider how many garbage cans raccoons have knocked over in the hunt for food, you'd think maybe, just maybe, they'd have a good idea of what should or should not be placed in water. Then again, they're slumming out of trash cans and when you're that far down the food chain, food preparation may not be your strong suit.

Whatever his knowledge, this raccoon is certainly bummed. Maybe he can grab a bite from one of his comrades, who's got this food theft thing down pat.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to get a glimpse of a raccoon who managed to keep its paws on its cotton candy, look no further:

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