The Stanley Cup trophy is coming to Colorado Springs.

It's hockey's 'Holy Grail.' One of the more difficult championships to win, The NHL Stanley Cup Championship and it's famed Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the National Hockey League's playoff winner. It's special. It has the distinction of being the oldest trophy awarded in all of the professional sports. It was first hoisted by the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893.

What makes it unique to is that there's not a new Stanley Cup Trophy made each year like the Lombardi Trophy awarded to the winners of the Super Bowl. The winners of the Stanley Cup originally kept possession of it until a new champion was crowned. Today, winning teams keep the Stanley Cup over the summer and a limited amount of time during the regular season. What's cool too is that since 1924, winning players, coaches, and management names are engraved on its bands below the cup. Which is unique in all of the professional sports.

With the Colorado Avalanche alive and well in this year's Stanely Cup playoffs hockey excitement is at a fever pitch! After advancing past the favored Calgary Flames 4-1, the Avalanche will take on the San Jose Sharks in the second round.

Colorado hockey fans will have their opportunity to see for themselves what hoopla is all about as The Stanley Cup trophy is coming to Olympic City, USA. Fans can not only see but touch and take a selfie with the giant silver cup this afternoon Wednesday, April 24th from 3-4 pm at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

The Stanley Cup playoffs continue. You can watch all the action on NBC Sports and the Stanley Cup Finals on KKCO 11 here in Grand Junction.

Credit: KOAA5News

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